BAMF_Square_FullText_Horizontal_500px-08GOBAMF is a movement to celebrate, empower and entertain BAMFs aka Badass Modern Females devoted to pursing their passion no matter what.

“GOBAMF” was founded in May of 2016 by Christine O’Donnell, a long-time journalist and TV news personality who lives in Los Angeles, California.

“Being in the news business, I constantly meet amazing women in all facets of life. I’m talking women who overcome the odds to pursue their passion on a daily basis. In light of all the bad news in the world, I feel pulled to tell their stories,” Christine said.

Christine is originally from a small horsing racing community in upstate New York called Saratoga Springs.

Growing up her father was a corrections officer for the New York State prison system and her mother was disabled after being injured in the U.S. Air Force.

While in elementary school Christine asked her father to bring her to work with him on “father-daughter” work day. As you might imagine, he absolutely refused.

Intrigued by the mystery, danger and criminal element of life behind bars Christine later asked her father if she would “survive” in prison.

He said “no, to survive you have to be a BAMF.” He did not mean “Badass Modern Female,” but for Christine his version and her version of the phrase have the same meaning.  From that day on she decided to find her inner BAMF and it’s come in handy.

“It’s about being in an uncomfortable situation and knowing you have the power to take control. It’s about finding your inner strength and embracing it. We all have that ability;” Christine said, “Anytime I’m in a difficult situation, I remind myself that I’m a BAMF and nothing can change that. ”

“Featured BAMF’s” include Pink Iron Gym’s Holly Holton, From Scratch with Maria’s Maria Provenzano and Sweet Serenity Dessert’s Tracie Young.

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