Healing Crystals Changed a “Confused Girl’s” Life & Inspired A Business


Many believe unearthed crystals have the power to heal. It’s actually ancient form of medicine. Each crystal does something different and can be used in different ways. Do you believe it? I’d say I’m a skeptic. However…

Giovanna Silvestre says healing crytals changed her life. Giovanna is the founder of ConfusedGirlActive. It’s an activewear line inspired by healing crystals.

Here’s the backstory. A few years ago she felt lost, confused and depressed about where her life was going. Determined to find her passion she decided to try something new each week and write about it.

It was through that journey of self-discovery she was inspired to create something to help other “confused girls” in the world. If you haven’t heard of the healing power of crystals, it’s time you do!

Check out her products! Find her on Instagram!  And, WATCH below!

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