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The ‘BAMF’ Behind Hillary Clinton in California

“Badass Modern Female” Buffy Wicks worked side by side with Hillary Clinton to help her win the California Primary in June as State Director.

Photo Courtesy: Barbara Kinney (Instagram)


Wicks, who’s now pregnant with her first child, has worked on four presidential campaigns. She helped President Barack Obama in 2004 and 2008. This year she found herself at Hillary Clinton’s side.

“She’s 67-years-old and she’s out campaigning me! She’s so strong and has so much stamina,” Wicks, who completed an Iron Man this past year, said about the presidential candidate.

Below she shares more about why politics is her passion and how a small town girl, like her, became a strategist for the White House.

“I grew up with humble roots, in northern California,  in the Sierra Nevadas, very working class. I went to community college and  ended up working at the White H0use. I think part of it is just jumping in there and saying I’m going to do this, I can do this.”


Buffy Wicks cofounded The Riveters Podcast aka “an ode to the modern woman.” Each week they “pour some pinot, get sassy, and talk about stuff like: how to stop saying you’re sorry all the time, owning your place at work, becoming an authentic leader (what does that even mean?), how sexism is still a thing, how we really feel about Hillary, and so much more.” Check it out!



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  1. Great segment! I really got a good picture of what being a political operative involves. I’ll be checking out the podcasts. As a journalist, I covered politics for forty three years and I find it interesting to learn more about the people behind the events and candidates. As well as the people involved in decisions on a national scale as women in power in government.

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