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#InHerWords: Women Marching Against President-Elect Donald Trump

Across the country Thousands of people are revolting against President-Elect Donald Trump

In Philadelphia a young Olivia Garrity said “I am afraid for my friends and I’m a white person and I will never know what they feel like and that’s why I’m here.”

“I think people didn’t get out to vote,  they assumed Hillary would win, they assumed that there were not as much racists in this country as there are. They assumed that there were not as many people who have the privilege of looking past Donald Trump’s hatred and racism because they thought he was a good business man.”

In New York City, Javiera an immigrant waiting for her citizenship to go through, shared why she’s marching and what she hopes it will accomplish.



Marita Dancy, 21, says she’s hopes her march will force people to listen to her concerns about President Elect Trump.

Those are the “words” of three women from different backgrounds on why they’re protesting the November 8th election. What are your thoughts? Use the hastag #InHerWords to share them with GoBAMF.





  1. I am shocked, bewildered and saddened over how this possibly could have happened. No way …. Now that the nightmare has begun, what is next???

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