BAMF Media Coaching

Hello there,

If you don’t control your story, someone else will or worse… it might get lost!

I’ve been a TV news reporter for nearly a decade and during that time, I’ve learned the importance of being clear, concise and conversational when sharing your message with an audience.

People respond to people and the stories they have to share. (That’s how we connect with each other.) It’s also the key to delivering on-brand messaging.

It’s my mission to help women discover their inner power (“BAMF”); and use it during interviews. If it’s your first time in front of the TV camera, or if your producing digital content, you might need help! That’s where I come in.

Entrepreneurs, Social Media Stars, Athletes, Actors and Corporations have used my services to help them feel more comfortable delivering “on-brand” messaging to the public. Media Coaching can mean the difference when a reporter starts asking questions and has allowed our clients to re-direct the focus to control their story.

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